I am not going to waste your time telling you about how awful this crisis is in the America’ Gulf region. I’ll let CNN do that for you. What I will speak about is how irresponsible the media has been in their ever-so-fashionable way of bashing FEMA and the Bush Administration.

Frankly, I am tired of reading about how Washington has let down the people of the Gulf States. I have grown weary of the George Bush getting his head bashed into the ground by media types and under-informed pundits who are consistently seeking a reason to bat him around.

Let’s get to the brass tacks of the issue. Hurricane Katrina devastated a region of shoreline that exceeded 120 miles, covering four states (FL,LA,MS,AL). No government or public company is completely ready to handle the magnitude of a disaster this size on a moment’s notice. To suggest that FEMA, President Bush and other interested parties should have been prepared for this catastrophe the minute the hurricane landed is ludicrous, considering the magnitude of the disaster. Hell, the laws that govern this great society clearly state the federal sector cannot intervene without the consent of the state government. Within 36 hours of LA asking for assistance, the government was working to help others in dire need. Could the government done more? Pragmatically speaking, what more could officials have done given the short time frame and damaged resources? It is easy to point fingers, especially at the Bush Administration, but let’s be objective and realistic.

So, instead of finger pointing and joining the ranks of two-bit con artists like Al Sharpton and no-brained rappers who spew nonsense from their lips in front of live national TV audiences, let’s take a minute, bond together and make a positive contribution with the intent of making somebody else’s life a little bit better. Stop bashing GWB; credit him for taking responsibility for his government’s reaction to something so far beyond comprehension just to get the liberal press focused on an issue even more stupid, like Barry Bonds’ comments about Congress and steroids.

Remember, United We Stand, Divided We Fall. Let’s stop falling for goodness sake!

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