Big City, Big Air! After living in SF for 15 years, I thought I had seen some crazy stuff. But last Thursday may have been the topper. The City of San Francisco, along with Olympic Ski Champion Jonny Moseley, staged a one day ski jumping exhibition on the hills of San Francisco. Staged on Fillmore Street in toney Pacific Heights, the two block event drew thousands of curious San Francisco’s who wanted to see 20 skiers and boarders fly through the air. Of course, the weather was a perfect 85 degrees, bright blue skies; arguably the warmest day in SF this year. The event was a rousing success, generating tons of local and national interests. Granted, some of the neighbors complained (after all, it would not be SF if someone did bitch) but that is ok. Watching jumpers launch into the air with apartment building and the Bay as the backdrop was an incredible sight! The event added to the SF reputation for the weird and bizarre. As off-beat as the event was, everybody had a blast. I am a skier, so this was extra special for me!